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Bed Bug Detection

We can provide the most accurate and cutting-edge inspection services in the industry. Our staff of Bed Bug Control Technicians, together with our dogs, have been trained and certified as a team, by one of the world’s leading dog detection training agencies.


Bed Bug Treatment

Heat treatments add up to the most cost-effective, eco-friendly solution. Our heat treatment, also known as Thermal Remediation™, is a ​scientifically proven way to completely eliminate bed bug infestations​ without the use of any chemicals​.


Bed Bug Knowledge

Prevention is the key to avoiding bed bug infestations in your home. Whether you are moving to a new home, traveling, staying in a hotel, taking a taxi – bed bugs can hitch a ride and become the roommate you never wanted.

Bed Bug Exterminator

As Montreal’s leading bed bug exterminator, Thermapro Solutions specializes exclusively in bed bug detection and bed bug treatment and is the first choice for the detection, removal, and prevention of bed bugs in Montreal. It is our business to keep your home or business bed bug free. It’s all we do. The first step is detection. Our systematic and proven program using our certified K9 team of detection dog and handler is the best in the industry. Once our team identifies and confirms a bed bug infestation, prompt action to eradicate the problem must be taken to keep your home or facility bed bug free.

Bed Bug Treatment

To meet the growing demand from residential property owners as well as commercial clients such as hotels, senior homes, and student lodgings, we provide a unique, chemical free and scientifically proven method which is both an eco-friendly and cost-effective bed bug treatment.

Our unique bed bug treatment uses Thermal Remediation™, also known as heat treatment, to eradicate bed bug infestations and prevent further ones from developing.

Chemical Free Bed Bug Treatment

Bed Bug Exterminator in and around Montreal

Over the years, we have treated and successfully eliminated bed bug infestations in Montreal, Quebec City, Eastern Townships, Cornwall, Gatineau, Ottawa, and many other areas in between. We sniff out bed bugs with our K9 Detection Team and turn up the heat on them literally – to wipe out any outbreak.

Bed Bug Extermination
for Businesses

Bed Bug Extermination for
Homes, Condos and Apartments

Bed Bug Chemical Free Treatment Done Right the First Time

We provide the most accurate and cutting-edge bed bug inspection and chemical free extermination services in the industry.

Our staff of Bed Bug Control Technicians, together with our K9 Detection Team, have been trained and certified as a team by one of the world’s leading dog detection training agencies.

To learn more about our bed bug exterminator services, we invite you to contact us today. Our bed bug treatment specialists will be happy to answer your urgent questions and help you schedule one of our services, at your residence or business.


« Hi Don, I wanted to give you some news about our hearing with the Regie de Logement this past January 2016. We won! I was told by multiple people that we’d be wasting our time trying to recuperate the costs, but fortunately they were wrong. I’m very happy to report that all of our costs with Thermapro Solutions will be reimbursed. We cannot thank you enough for your expert testimony. » Client - Montreal

« I’m very happy to report that all of our costs with Thermapro Solutions will be reimbursed. As indicated on the judgement, your testimony was credible and very informative. We would not have had this outcome without you. And FYI, our bedbug situation has been resolved! It wasn’t easy with multiple apartment affected, especially at different times, but your team’s expertise, patience and professionalism did the job. We value your work and dedication to your clients. Thank you, Don! » Client - Montreal

« We are very happy to have chosen your firm and consider you and your company to be worthy of a strong endorsement which we are extending to you. Thank you for your help here. » Client - Montreal

« Your knowledge of this growing problem along with its solutions and your very professional dealings with our condo group together with the efficient team that carried out the work are to be acknowledged. » Client - Montreal, QC

« I would like to thank you and your employees for the support my mother and her tenants received and continue to receive following the treatment of thermal remediation performed by your company. » ​I.R. – St-Leonard, QC

« I want to thank you and the team of professionals who came to my house this past Friday. They were very efficient, did the work within the time frame that they had forecasted and left my house in excellent condition. The whole experience was great with minimal disruptions for us. » Marie - Montreal, Qc.

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