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Bed Bug Cimex Lectularius

Bed Bug Cimex Lectularius

Bed bugs can visit anyone – even your home

Even though bed bugs were eradicated after World War II, bed bug infestations have increased nearly 500% since 1999. They are back in full force and many people don’t realize it until it is too late. In Montreal, bed bugs are disturbing homeowners and their families due to the​ stigma of having a bed bug issue,​ constant bites and skin irritations as well as the psychological trauma due to the lack of sleep, constant stress and worry. Add on the additional costs associated such as the disposing of furniture, clothing​ and​ bedding​, all of​ which can really disturb the peace of mind and the quality of life for the entire family​.​

Bed bugs do not just appear spontaneously in a home. Since bed bugs cannot fly, there are two ways to get them, migration and hitchhiking. Migration is when bed bugs walk to an adjacent unit through hallways, electrical lines, light switches, outlets or other means. Hitchhiking is when bed bugs are relocated to another area by either objects or people.

How bed bugs travel

  • Bed bugs like to hitch a ride on anyone and anything. Clothing, shoes, purses, luggage, pets and even houseguests are all potential vehicles for bed bugs to move between rooms, buildings and cities.
  • Rental furniture or the trucks and blankets you use to move furniture can all harbor bed bugs. When getting new furniture, consider inspecting it thoroughly before moving it inside.
  • If you have bed bugs in one room, assume they are in other rooms as well and inspect accordingly.

If you have, or if you think you might have, a bed bug infestation in your home or in your commercial space, we invite you to contact us today. Thermapro solutions is the authority on bed bug extermination in Montreal and the surrounding areas. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about our proven protocol, K9 detection and heat treatments.

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