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Commercial bed bug exterminator

Thermapro Solutions is a fully insured and licensed Montreal based extermination company​. ​We  provide the most accurate and cutting-edge bed bug detection and bed bug treatment services in the industry​ in Montreal,​ Ottawa, Gatineau, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, and many more​ locations in between​.


Hospitality industry

The accuracy of our K9 Detection Team allows us to move quickly and efficiently, even when performing large-scale operations. If our dogs detect the slightest scent of bedbugs, we visually confirm and show you evidence of the infestations — on the spot. The result? Minimal disruption to your business, guests, clients and employees. Learn more about our hospitality industry bed bug extermination services.


Property management industry

Bed bugs are a difficult problem for apartments and multi-family units. It can be very expensive to treat an infested property. However, not addressing the problem will only make the infestation worse and more costly for you. One of the most important things property owners/managers can do is to educate their residents about bed bugs. Learn more about our property management bed bug extermination services.


Public transportation industry

Airplanes, trains, subways, buses and taxis are at risk of problems from bed bugs as their riders may transport them in clothing, luggage, carry-ons or other personal possessions. Public transport is at the highest risk in areas with significant incidences of residential bed bug infestations. Learn more about our public transportation bed bug services.


Student Housing Industry

Colleges and universities by their very nature, have transient populations. There are several social aspects that come with being at university and everyone is constantly going back and forth. There is not a major university anywhere in North America that does not know this is a serious problem, whether or not they have it. Learn more about our student housing bed bug extermination services.


Hospital and eldercare industry

Health care facilities experience a constant inflow of people and their belongings and can expect bed bugs to be introduced from time to time. Hospitals, hospices, elder care facilities and group homes house sleeping people who are in vulnerable positions and susceptible to bed bug infestations. Learn more about our hospital and eldercare bed bug extermination services.

If you have or if you think you might have a bed bug infestation in your home or in your commercial space, we invite you to contact our bed bug extermination Montreal office today. Thermapro solutions is the authority on bed bug extermination in Montreal and surrounding areas. It will be our pleasure to answer your questions about bed bug extermination.

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